To The Top Management Authority / Whomsoever Concerned,    Industrial Group / Industrial Fraternity.

Subject:  Annual Occupational Safety & Health Care of your employees.

 Respected Sir / Madam,

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to wish yourself, your family, all of your associates & their families a very HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

May God bless all of you with all the best of wishes & prayers always.                                                                                                                                    As you already know, that as per the Factories Act 1948 (Amended in 1987) & Maharashtra Factories Rules 1963, Section 10 (2) & Rule 18 respectively, I have been appointed by the Govt. Of Maharashtra, on Merit this year as the Authorized Certifying Surgeon, Government of Maharashtra, Industrial Safety & Health, For Kolhapur District.                                                                                                                          Basically I have accepted this very important responsibility & duty for the true Safety & Health Care welfare & benefit of our Employers, Industries & more predominantly their employees.

Hence, I feel it is my prime responsibility to first of all offer my services with True Top Priority to each organization & each of our employees serving in your esteemed Industrial Group & also all other Industrial Sectors / Industries of our District.

My main duty is to create & develop a Safe Working Environment & place, along with strict monitoring, examining, diagnosing, treating, managing & preventing any possible Medical Disease or Clinical Disorder / Disability that could unfortunately arise, infect & disturb any employees Human Body Systemic functions knowingly or unknowingly while working due to some non-conformances of laid down basic standards. We have to see that none of our employees develop signs of any Notifiable Disease & if so then heal them.

Along with our Health Care Organization, i.e. the Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Medical Trust, Warananagar’s able support, I personally have, am & always shall take honest efforts to carry out & conduct this responsibility with a sincere intention of assisting the Employer, Industry & Employees.

I do understand, rather have understood & accept without any hesitation, that in today’s Safety & Health scenario very sadly since ages now, these responsibilities of Safety & Health Care are just being carried out & conducted by all concerned only as a mere formality & not at all in the long term interest of neither the Employer, nor the Industry or their hardworking employees.

Well very unfortunately it has just become an ill standard practice carried out only for selfish reasons & monetary gains. In short it has become a commercial business for the operating persons, but an unfortunate & torturing recurring loss & bad headache for Industries & Employers.                                                                                                                                              However in my entire career till date neither have I ever, nor today or even in the future shall I ever support, encourage or become a part of such negative attitudes or practices.                                                                                                                  While accepting this responsibility, I had vowed to take sincere efforts in order to necessarily onset the ultimate end of such negative acts & thereby set up an explicit example of strictly following the Standard provisions & processes which are laid down in our Factories Act & that should be followed while conducting & providing Safety & Health care supportive services & backup for our Industries, Employers & Employees.

And I am proud to declare here that over the last 9 months, I am & shall sincerely; honestly, positively & proactively work as per my motto. However as per experience understanding its positives & negatives, these efforts have to be bilateral & so it factually needs your able & active support, understanding & cooperation, if positive results have to be generated.

Whatever is possible for me shall be done as per my Medical Profession, Knowledge, Experience, Skills & Capacities along with my Organizations support, with a long term positive view & ofcourse taking into consideration the economic circumstances of the Industry / Industries, which clearly signifies providing standard care & services to all concerned & needy at affordable rates.

                                                                                     Along with this letter do also refer to my CV & some other relevant documents including our Truly Negotiable / Charitable Quotation for your kind reference & information. Kindly do go through them in your leisure time.

Please do officially notify that we shall provide Standard & Affordable Services (As per your planned economical budget for Health Care).  After understanding that we shall prepare & recommend you a suitable Annual Economical & Useful Health Care Scheme for all of your employees that thereby shall be conducted annually henceforward.

True Service matters for us, keeping in view your esteemed organizations long term welfare & positive benefit of your employees. Eagerly waiting for your positive response.

Please do also log onto to my website, where you could find useful information too. I shall make myself available for any clarification or discussion required.      Looking forward to serve as per requirement & expectations, transparently & honestly for the long term benefit, safety & health care welfare of the Employees, Industries & adjacent population. With due respect & regards, Thanking You, Yours truly,                                                                               –Sd–                                   

Dr. Shailesh Sudhakar Kore,

DMRD, AFIH (Dgfasli‘s, CLI, Mumbai) ACS15 SK/2016

Address for All Correspondences: Savitrinath, D4, 4th Floor, Atharva Vishwa, Tarabai Park,  Pitali Ganapati Marg, Kolhapur – 416003 / Email: